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Celadon New Town, Grand Rapids

This 22-acre greenfield development, one of the first New Urban projects in West Michigan, is a village center nestled within a township that is primarily composed of suburban development patterns and cul-de-sac subdivisions. The new neighborhood's design includes a compact and coherent block structure, integrated mixed-use, and a diversity of building types that all assist in creating a walkable place. 


These building types include many of the missing middle housing types like townhouses, live-works, and residences above commercial in mixed-use buildings.  The live-work structures and townhouses are integrated into the neighborhood structure along with single-family homes, courtyards, and parks.

A narrow street network provides pedestrian-scale connections throughout the neighborhood with a variety of residential frontages like porches, stoops, and dooryards giving definition to the street-facing buildings.  Parking is handled either on-street or in residential garages located in the rear of the buildings so that there are no gaps or dead spaces within the public realm. 

Celadon was developed by Mosaic Properties with Nederveld Inc. supporting the urban design effort and providing engineering services. 

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