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Fishtown, Leland

Fishtown is a collection of weathered fishing shanties, smokehouses, overhanging docks, fish tugs, and charter boats along the Leland River in Leland, Michigan. The heart of a commercial fishing village, Fishtown is one of the only places where we can still see and feel a connection to the long tradition of Great Lakes maritime culture. 

While small in scale and definitively Michigan, this place exhibits many of the characteristics of good urbanism. Its walkability and pedestrian experience are of very high quality with active and interesting buildings and shopfronts lining the boardwalks.  These buildings are manifested with local building materials and rendered in a hand-built fashion that brings them down to the scale of the human being.  There are also various nooks and crannies between the buildings that offer glimpses into other spaces and beckon the pedestrian to explore them.  

The historic core of Fishtown is owned and operated by the Fishtown Preservation Society

For more information about Fishtown, click here.

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