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Cherry Hill Village, Canton

Cherry Hill Village was designed by Looney Ricks Kiss and developed by Biltmore Development in Canton, Michigan.  The project was started in 2000 after the Canton Township adopted a master plan for the area “to weave a pattern of new development which maintains and respects the vestige of a past historical era.” 

Given this challenge of integrating significant new development into an historic fabric, the Cherry Hill Village plan had two main goals. First, to make a significant contribution to the evolution of the existing village by responding and contributing to the history of the area. Second, to bring to fruition the vision established by the Township, while adequately meeting the desires of future residents for housing, shopping, employment, recreation and community amenities.

The plan for the village was created with a charrette process that included township officials, residents, and potential residents.

Built on over 300 acres, Cherry Hill Village has an eclectic blend of over 900 single-family lots and over 300 townhouses. The village plan created an abundance of connected parks and natural areas, miles of sidewalks, and welcoming front porches.

For more information about Cherry Hill Village, click here.

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