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ReLeaf Cedar Rapids

A great article from Robert Steuteville in Public Square highlights an aggressive tree-planting campaign in Cedar Rapids. Check out how trees fit into the Transect as outlined by #JeffSpeck

Of particular importance is this paragraph regarding species diversity at the street and block level from Speck & Associates: A deep-dive into the thinking behind this policy—and current research—reveals that diversity is not best pursued on the scale of individual trees and streets, but across neighborhoods and cities, he explains. Diversity should be achieved by mixtures of uniformity, according to the National Arboretum's Frank Santamour, the creator of the influential 10-20-30 Rule (cities should plant no more than 10 percent of any one species, 20 percent of one genus, or 30 percent of one family of tree). In other words, don’t vary species within individual blocks—rather do it across many blocks. “What was perceived to be a conflict between New Urbanism and urban forestry best practices was actually based on a misunderstanding of the latter,” Speck says.

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